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Downtown Riverfront Welcome to Lacrosse Planning
City of La Crosse Economic Development Program
As part of the City Planning Department, the City Economic Development Program sets forth to grow local businesses, facilitate expansion, and recruit outside businesses to locate in the City of La Crosse in order to increase the quality of living, add well-paying jobs and grow tax base. 
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Great City. Growing Greater!
Come Downtown and watch us grow, as we honor our past, build in the present and plan for the future. We are growing greater everyday and creating a community with even more opportunities to shop, eat, live, work and play! Come grow with us! Read on...

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Transportation Visioning Process
The City is hosting a four-day workshop February 23rd – 26th to develop a vision for the future of transportation in the city.  Opening and closing public meetings will be at the Myrick Center on Monday, February 23rd at 7PM, and Thursday the 26th at 7PM. 
For more information go here.

Riverside North Redevelopment Project

Small Business Development Loan Program
The City of La Crosse offers this program to small businesses (under 100 employees) looking for financial assistance. Funds may be used for acquisition of real estate or equipment, rehab or construction of commercial buildings.
  • Maximum loan amount is $200,000
  • Job creation is a requirement
For more information go here.
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